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Providing Exceptional Craftsmanship and Legendary Customer Service, One Client at a Time

Since 1995, Paragon has been the premier construction company in Naples. Our relentless pursuit of perfection and reputation for condo and single-family home construction services in the area is unmatched.

Still, at Paragon we aim to go above and Beyond Construction with every project we undertake. From small remodels to large new construction projects, we take each and every job extremely seriously and aim to ensure our clients’ satisfaction down to the final detail.

Paragon Pursues Perfection in 3 Key Ways

1. By coordinating any and all ancillary services required for a particular project

Numerous phases and stages go into every build project. As a leading property management company, we make it our business to seamlessly coordinate each and every phase and ancillary service, such as design, decorating, moving, and storage. We do whatever it takes to provide our clients with the services they need to accomplish their project goals while minimizing the disruption to their lives.

2. By the application of the expertise of our real estate brokerage and property management capabilities.

Unlike many other construction and professional property management companies, Paragon has a complete and unique perspective with every project. For example, we are able to assess aspects such as property values before and after remodeling as well as the effects of condominium association rules, policies and politics, and numerous other details. All of this fine tuning can greatly affect value, suitability, and ultimately, enjoyment for your property.

3. Our process is unmatched in its transparency.

We believe transparency is key when it comes to completing successful construction projects. At Paragon, our contracts are structured in such a way that every detail of every item related to the project is available at any time to our clients. This access, along with comprehensive communication, allows our clients to feel confident in our ability to fully understand and implement their wishes.

Over 500 Condos Constructed
Over 1500 Homes Constructed
Over 300 Properties Managed
Over 1000 Satisfied Customers

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If you are considering a construction project of any kind, please get in touch with us to share your thoughts and ideas. We look forward to helping you meet your goals for a wonderful brand-new home, condo, or remodel project.

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